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"JUNO, the debut EP from U.K. artist Vicktor Taiwò, will be released digitally on June 16. The EP follows the release of “Digital Kids” and “Paradise Island” last year, both of which are featured on the record and created immediate critical buzz—Pigeons & Planes calls the music “spell-binding” while Hypetrak praises Taiwò for “Fusing soulful elements and minimal electronica with powerful songwriting…” As a special preview, the EP’s single “Feathers & Wax” is premiering atStereogum: Taiwò will perform the new tracks with select stateside, intimate performances, details to be announced soon. Felix Joseph produced the first three songs on JUNO while Scholar Holder and Bobby Altman produced “Curse.” Of the 5-track EP, Taiwò explains, “This project will always be reminiscent to me of the growing pains of a young boy, from the subject matter to the creation and exploration of the music itself. It was in many ways unconscious, uncontrollable but inevitable. It was in many ways uncomfortable and acutely painful. I don’t know if any of this permeates through the music itself when you listen to it, I wish it does. I hope that you can share with me the joys of growth, the beauty of imperfection and un-decidedness. I can’t ever promise to create anything like this again, but I can vow to present myself always as I truly am, in the moment, to those that are curious enough to engage.” Born in Nigeria, Taiwò found himself on a London bound flight with his mother and two sisters—too young to fully understand he wouldn't be returning for a long time. Previously intending to pursue a career in photography, Taiwò transitioned only recently from behind the lens, taking inspiration from his musical family. Everything with Taiwò is visual. "

Thank you to Sacks and Co for the information on this artist. After listening to just the 1st track, I was hooked. If you listen to anything new, you must listen to Vicktor Taiwò.

JUNO TRACK LISTING 1. Digital Kids (featuring Solomon) 2. Paradise Island 3. Feathers & Wax 4. Fade 5. Curse

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