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Advertise with a dynamic concept that places your company at the center of the action.

We combine the power of INDIEfunTV, The INDIEWOODbus, and INDIEblush to give your company cross-platform exposure between Web, Outdoor Advertising, Print, and Interactive Events. And now we can offer you, "AMPLIFY", a virtual storm of exposure for your event, brand, show, or social media posts.


This is our inaugural year!  Founding Sponsors get 2 years of advertising for the price of 6 months. We'll even throw in a 2 page spread in our magazine for 1 year, and 1 month of AMPLIFY absolutely FREE as a Thank you for taking a chance with us!


How it works:


Purchase a space on the INDIEWOODbus as a "Founding Advertiser".  The bus will be driven to various events and car shows as a "show vehicle" and be used as a "step and repeat" at events all over California and Nevada.  Your brand will be seen everywhere as a Mobile billboard and photographed many times- spreading your advertising like wild fire.  The bus will have no less than 3 experienced reviewers at any given event, creating social media posts about their experiences, while capturing and interacting with your imagery on the bus.




As a "Founding Advertiser", your 2 page spread advertisement will run in each quarter of INDIEblush Magazine online and in print for 1 year.  This magazine will be distributed at events we attend, putting your brand in the hands of event goers.




INDIEfunTV is an online show that highlights activities and trends in the Sacramento-Sierra Region.  They will use the INDIEWOODbus as their "show vehicle" providing in-show product placement and offering yet another chance for your brand to be seen.  INDIEfunTV already enjoys a cult following of "INDIE Mobsters" that respond to calls of action like, attending an event or gathering at a restaurant. The show is interactive and generates 10,000 targeted views/impressions per week between Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook interactions.


We invited some of Sacramento's most influential bloggers and top social media bloggers to join our AMPLIFY group. If our entire group sends a message, we can reach over 80,000 people using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

When we post a message in our AMPLIFY platform, our members choose whether they want to share that message with their followers. If they do share the message, they earn points towards incentives we design with our Sponsors and Partners. 


AMPLIFY has a demonstrated track record of generating over 750,000 impressions in one month for SAC Fashion Week this year.



With the power of the internet, print, outdoor advertising, and event advertising, your brand will receive hundreds of thousands of impressions per quarter!


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