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Memorial Day Weekend Madness!

This holiday weekend has already begun for many Northern Californians! In Sacramento, a list of many events can be found at Sacramento does holiday weekends like no other due to our natural resources and fantastic local talent. You have a myriad of activities to select from, or just chill on the river!

The Sacramento County Fair is already in full swing at Cal EXPO, The Music Festival a.k.a. The Jazz Jubilee is also this weekend, and don't forget about the 4th Annual Pinata Festival!

Of course there wouldn't be a holiday without our Vets. So at the top of the list is the Reading of the Names Ceremony. This annual event takes place at the State Capitol Park.

Vettes For Vets! Looks fun! Muscle cars? Yes, please! This also takes place on Memorial Day.

Looking for something else to do? Why not take your favorite Vet on a cruise on the river? The Hornblower Cruise of Sacramento is a great local attraction!

What ever you choose, be sure to swing by to see more about events. We at INDIEblush love their calendar and site and are happy to promote them!

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