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Fashion Friday Street Style

I love Fashion Friday's and today we are starting something new that we are hoping you all will love. The Sacramento and surrounding area is full of fashionable people and I wanted to get out on the streets to see what these fashionable people are wearing.

Today is the first Fashion Friday Street Style and I wanted to share just a few shots I got while out in about in Folsom yesterday. I did find some fashionista's! Whether you're out shopping or at the oh so chic Whole Foods, there will never be a shortage of stylish women. I love the mom I was able to get a quick pic of while inside Whole Foods, it shows that even moms can stay stylish, looking great and keeping up with the trends!

While leaving Victoria's Secret, I stopped a shopper just to get a pic of how cute she looked! Thank you to these two women for posing for me. So, this is just a preview of what is to come from what they are wearing on the streets of Sacramento and abroad.

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