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Street Style Fashion Friday

I just love sharing these Fashion Friday posts becuase although we do not live in a city such as San Francisco or New York, where there is no shortage of fashionable people, we too have them here in Sacramento and abroad. This is the second of regular street style posts you'll be seeing here on the IndieBlush blog. I am so excited to share these photos with you, our audience. So come with me and our photographer Chris Kisela of CMYK Photography as we explore the streets of Sacramento and further as scope out the fashionable.

Ok, can I just say how much I love this look? This look has been seen all over the magazines of Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and more. It's the feminine yet preppy style that I just can't get enough of, This look will never go out of style.

I wanted to capture this gentleman, not for his sense of fashion, but for his sense of style for his bicycle. This style of bike is desired not only here in Sacramento but all over. It's very shall we say "Trés Chic"?

Art is huge here in the Sacramento community, this city has some of the best art murals and artists around. This Utility Box mural and the one below has been made possible by the Sacramento Metropolitan Arts Commission. Read the Sacramento Bee Article here.

So is this fashionable or what? We have another fabulous art mural that is on the street along with this fashionable girl dressed in a trend that has been huge this past year. Black booties with black denim, I love it.

Here in Sacramento, there is no shortage of the Hipster's, I love this look and trend.

The Hipster trend, I love it!

We just had to show the Red Bull car!

Don't you just love this picture?? Here is another look you'll see all over the streets of San Francisco, a very fashion forward girl in her distressed denim, a style that has been huge the past several seasons and there seems to be no sign of it fading. She's holding her on trend tote bag, Iphone, wedges, kimono and who can forget her adorable pooch!!

This is just a sample of the various fashionable street styles you'll be seeing here on our blog. There is so much more to look forward to, stay tuned.

I want to thank these awesome people of Sacramento for letting us take their pictures and share with the community!!


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