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Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival has arrived & now for the FRENCH!

May 31st marked the inauragural event for the Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival. Slate 1.0 was the first educational /showcase event of many to come. The day opened at the Guild Theatre with a Pre-Production Panel, then continued with Shorts, and a Documentary Feature. The event was well attended and nearly sold out! For more information about the Sacramento Asian Pacific Film Festival and upcoming Slate 2.0, please visit To see press and other articles covering Slate 1.0, see below. The main event for the festival will take place in May of 2015.

Sacramento is quickly becoming known as the City of Festivals. We have 30 festivals in the NorCal region, 23 of which happen IN Sacramento. Oone of the oldest and most respected is the Sacramento French Film Festival. The Schedule and Program are at The French Film Fest begins June 20th and runs through June 29th this year.


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